User Testimonials

“I love the fresh feeling in my mouth and alkalinity of the product.  I had a tooth pulled a few years ago and the surgeon was surprised how quickly I healed.” - Mary Lopez 2007 survey

“When I skip a few days of using glyco, I can really feel a difference for the worse.” - Yvonne Valentine 12-30-06 AZ

“Keeps my gums and teeth healthy.  Keeps viruses away. Alkanizes the body.  Hot packs for pain.” - D. Joan Murray 2007 survey

“I feel this [Glyco] has been a real life-saver for my gums and dental problems over the years.” - Doris Heath of AZ 2007 survey

“We use Glyco as a gargle and also as a healing aid for ulcers and cuts inside the mouth.” - John J. Miller of CA

“I use it every AM and PM and have for 60 years.  I am completely satisfied.” - Norton Kronemer, MD of MO

“I use Glyco to clear my sinuses, to wash my eyes, on children with chicken pox to stop the itching and lessen the spread of the rash, on a burn to stop the pain and prevent the blister.” - Marion Crawford of Detroit, MI

“I use Glyco twice a day as a mouthwash and over the years when I have had dental work done, I have been told that I have exceptionally healthy gums for a grandmother.  I tell them it’s because I use Glyco.  (By the way, I just past my 80th brithday.)” - Frances Farrell of FL

“I have never found a better product for oral hygiene.” - Robert Hupp of CO

“Gentlemen, I have used your product, Glyco-Thymoline, for 30 years with great success.  It helps to keep my throat working and my nose clear during cold season.” - Buddy Hackett in letter to place order

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