What is Glyco-Thymoline?

A family tradition since 1894, Glyco-Thymoline (Glyco) is the original alkaline mouthwash and gargle. Glyco was developed by pharmacists to combat the adverse effects of the increasingly acidic diets associated with the American industrial era.  For over a century, physicians and dentists around the world have recommended Glyco as an important part of a good oral health program. Glyco’s unique formula combines the natural properties of eucalyptol, menthol, thymol and pine oil to produce a clean refreshing feeling.  The oral health benefits of Glyco have withstood the test of time and include:

Eliminates bad breath
Glyco reduces oral acidity, kills germs and eliminates bad breath.  

Soothes gums and throat
Glyco is extremely gentle and soothing on gums and throat.  Glyco contains approximately one fifth of the amount of alcohol than other leading brands of mouthwash.  Thus, Glyco’s formula is gentle enough for tender gums.


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