Kress & Owen Company launches the Glyco-Thymoline web site and re-introduces the 100 year old “premier” oral hygiene product. We intend to get Glyco-Thymoline back in the local pharmacy, grocery and retail stores near you. Our product has been recommended by dentists and physicians for over 100 years.

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The Owen Children ~Patti, Bob & Bill oversee operations for the family business. “We look forward to helping you and your families live a Healthy Happy Life.”

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William Lee Owen, President/Owner maintains the family business for 41 years. Kress & Owen Company is committed to preserving the original 1894 formula for Glyco-Thymoline.

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Kress & Owen Company moves the Glyco-Thymoline manufacturing plant on Pearl Street New York, New York to a new modern facility in Middleton, New Jersey.

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