Refresh Your Mouth – Refresh Your Body

User Testimonials

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“I love the fresh feeling in my mouth and alkalinity of the product. I had a tooth pulled a few years ago and the surgeon was surprised how quickly I healed.” – Mary

“When I skip a few days of using glyco, I can really feel a difference for the worse.” – Yvonne

“Keeps my gums and teeth healthy. Keeps viruses away. Alkanizes the body. Hot packs for pain.” – D. Joan

“I feel this [Glyco] has been a real life-saver for my gums and dental problems over the years.” – Doris

“We use Glyco as a gargle and also as a healing aid for ulcers and cuts inside the mouth.” – John

“I use it every AM and PM and have for 60 years. I am completely satisfied.” – Norton

“I use Glyco to clear my sinuses, to wash my eyes, on children with chicken pox to stop the itching and lessen the spread of the rash, on a burn to stop the pain and prevent the blister.” – Marion

“I use Glyco twice a day as a mouthwash and over the years when I have had dental work done, I have been told that I have exceptionally healthy gums for a grandmother. I tell them it’s because I use Glyco. (By the way, I just past my 80th brithday.)” – Frances

“I have never found a better product for oral hygiene.” – Robert

“Gentlemen, I have used your product, Glyco-Thymoline, for 30 years with great success. It helps to keep my throat working and my nose clear during cold season.” – Buddy Hackett

“This is the BEST stuff. I keep an ample supply on hand. Use it every day and especially if I feel a cold coming on, I gargle it aggressively. I also do a sinus rinse with it and it knocks the cold right out before it takes hold. I travel with it for that purpose too. Everyone should have Glyco on hand!” – Thomas

“I use this mouthwash whenever I get any sore spots in my mouth. It changes the pH of your mouth and germs (fungi, viruses and bacteria) have a hard time thriving. I usually get healing in 1-2 days.” – Sandra

“Miraculous for a sore throat.”

“I feel this has been a life-saver for my gums and dental problems over the years.”